Daystar KJ05005BK 86-92 Jeep MJ Comanche 28mm Sway Bar Bushing Front

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5 in stock

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Daystar’s Sway Bar Bushings provide significant performance increases you can feel. Polyurethane sway bar bushings offer less deflection while cornering and outlast factory rubber bushings by a wide margin!

  • 28mm
  • Front
  • Specially Formulated Polyurethane Materials
  • Increases Performance And Handling Characteristics
  • Vehicle Fluid And Road Grime Resistant
  • Improves Road Control
  • Made In The USA

MJ Comanche PU 1986 1992
XJ Cherokee 1984 2001
PU 1986 1992

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 8 × 17.5 in
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2WD, 4WD

Hardware Included


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Limited Lifetime Warranty


1984,1984,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1985,1985,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1986,1986,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1987,1987,Jeep,Comanche,, 1987,1987,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1988,1988,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1988,1988,Jeep,Comanche,, 1989,1989,Jeep,Comanche,, 1989,1989,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1990,1990,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1990,1990,Jeep,Comanche,, 1991,1991,Jeep,Comanche,, 1991,1991,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1992,1992,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1992,1992,Jeep,Comanche,, 1993,1993,Jeep,Cherokee,, 1991,1991,Jeep,Cherokee,Briarwood, 1992,1992,Jeep,Cherokee,Briarwood, 1985,1985,Jeep,Cherokee,Chief, 1986,1986,Jeep,Cherokee,Chief, 1987,1987,Jeep,Comanche,Chief, 1987,1987,Jeep,Cherokee,Chief, 1988,1988,Jeep,Comanche,Chief, 1988,1988,Jeep,Cherokee,Chief, 1996,1996,Jeep,Cherokee,Classic, 1998,1998,Jeep,Cherokee,Classic, 1999,1999,Jeep,Cherokee,Classic, 2000,2000,Jeep,Cherokee,Classic, 2001,2001,Jeep,Cherokee,Classic, 1993,1993,Jeep,Cherokee,Country, 1994,1994,Jeep,Cherokee,Country, 1995,1995,Jeep,Cherokee,Country, 1996,1996,Jeep,Cherokee,Country, 1997,1997,Jeep,Cherokee,Country, 1986,1986,Jeep,Comanche,Custom, 1988,1988,Jeep,Comanche,Eliminator, 1989,1989,Jeep,Comanche,Eliminator, 1990,1990,Jeep,Comanche,Eliminator, 1991,1991,Jeep,Comanche,Eliminator, 1992,1992,Jeep,Comanche,Eliminator, 1985,1985,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1986,1986,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1987,1987,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1987,1987,Jeep,Comanche,Laredo, 1988,1988,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1988,1988,Jeep,Comanche,Laredo, 1989,1989,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1990,1990,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1991,1991,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1992,1992,Jeep,Cherokee,Laredo, 1987,1987,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1988,1988,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1989,1989,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1990,1990,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1991,1991,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1992,1992,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1998,1998,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1999,1999,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 2000,2000,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 2001,2001,Jeep,Cherokee,Limited, 1985,1985,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1986,1986,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1987,1987,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1987,1987,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1988,1988,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1988,1988,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1989,1989,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1989,1989,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1990,1990,Jeep,Cherokee,Pioneer, 1990,1990,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1991,1991,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1992,1992,Jeep,Comanche,Pioneer, 1994,1994,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1995,1995,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1996,1996,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1997,1997,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1998,1998,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1999,1999,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 2000,2000,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 2001,2001,Jeep,Cherokee,SE, 1989,1989,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1990,1990,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1991,1991,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1992,1992,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1993,1993,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1994,1994,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1995,1995,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1996,1996,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1997,1997,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1998,1998,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1999,1999,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 2000,2000,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 2001,2001,Jeep,Cherokee,Sport, 1986,1986,Jeep,Comanche,X, 1986,1986,Jeep,Comanche,XLS

Prop 65 Warning

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –







Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model Trim
1984 Jeep Cherokee
1985 Jeep Cherokee
1986 Jeep Cherokee
1987 Jeep Cherokee
1988 Jeep Cherokee
1989 Jeep Cherokee
1990 Jeep Cherokee
1991 Jeep Cherokee
1992 Jeep Cherokee
1993 Jeep Cherokee
1991 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood
1992 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood
1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1987 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1988 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic
1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic
1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic
2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic
2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic
1993 Jeep Cherokee Country
1994 Jeep Cherokee Country
1995 Jeep Cherokee Country
1996 Jeep Cherokee Country
1997 Jeep Cherokee Country
1985 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1986 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1987 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1987 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1992 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited
2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited
2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1985 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1987 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1990 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1994 Jeep Cherokee SE
1995 Jeep Cherokee SE
1996 Jeep Cherokee SE
1997 Jeep Cherokee SE
1998 Jeep Cherokee SE
1999 Jeep Cherokee SE
2000 Jeep Cherokee SE
2001 Jeep Cherokee SE
1989 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1990 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport
2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport
2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport
1987 Jeep Comanche
1988 Jeep Comanche
1989 Jeep Comanche
1990 Jeep Comanche
1991 Jeep Comanche
1992 Jeep Comanche
1987 Jeep Comanche Chief
1988 Jeep Comanche Chief
1986 Jeep Comanche Custom
1988 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
1991 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
1992 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
1987 Jeep Comanche Laredo
1988 Jeep Comanche Laredo
1987 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1990 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1991 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1992 Jeep Comanche Pioneer
1986 Jeep Comanche X
1986 Jeep Comanche XLS


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